That time I tried to make an author website

You know that thing where you think you have all the time in the world for something and then it needs to happen OMGNOW? That’s what happened with this website. For the past few years I’ve been blissfully coasting along, thinking I don’t need an author website, and then all of a sudden I have a new agent and an offer on a book from a publisher, and even then I’m like: “eh, I’ll get to it.”

And then the publisher is like, “so we want to announce this book deal…”

And I’m like: “!!!!!”

Guess I better make that author website I’ve been putting off for, y’know, my entire adult life.

So I decided to do it today. While the baby napped.


Babies never nap when you need them to.

So in case you’re wondering why this website is extremely bare-bones, it’s because I made it between trips back and forth across the apartment with a fussy baby in a carrier, who also happens to be a teeny tiny little furnace keeping my body at peak temperatures on this unseasonably humid 80+ degree Brooklyn day in May.

Also, I am not wearing pants.

The end.

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